Nic Furcillo

Interpreter - residency - off-grid specialist


Nic fishing
Me and the first Catalan Chub (Squalius laietanus) of the season

If you have a problem or question related to off-grid living, purchasing an off-grid property, applying for residency and other bureaucratic processes, or you just need a fluent and understanding translator, I can help you. I live off-grid myself and I’ve helped many people from all over Europe achieve their off-grid goals.


– Native in English and Italian

– Fluent in Spanish (Castellano)

– I am available in person and on the phone to speak and interpret on your behalf on any subject or in any situation whether it be personal or professional.

Property Services

Paperwork, permits, proyectos, architectural reports; helping you to understand and navigate the system.

Independent property checking service, before you buy: includes comprehensive check of all public records, property boundaries, potential zoning issues and proposed municipal and federal works such as solar and windmill construction, compiled into a written report.

Visiting properties that you might be interested in purchasing, taking video and still photography of the property and surrounding area.

Viability advice: visiting your proposed property and doing a viability study as to whether it is suitable for your end goals such as a holiday home, an investment property, or somewhere you will live full time. Factors such as road access, availability of water, neighbours, neighbouring land, prior use, size and location of any existing structures, etc… it can all impact the likelihood of success for your off-grid project.

Building Services

Renovation or Building Project Management: liaising with builders, architects, tradesmen, etc, to make sure your building project is delivered as efficiently as possible.

Off-Grid Water and Electricity: setting up systems that will supply you with your water and electricity needs such as solar panel systems, wind turbines, rainwater collection and storage, and if necessary drilling for underground water (including all the legal paperwork).

On-Grid Services: I can help with hooking your property up to mains water, mains electricity, or agricultural water supply, as it can be a complicated and laborious task.

Internet in the Campo: either by satellite or antenna booster.

Bureaucratic and Residency advice

Empadronamiento: I can help you get your “padron” from your local council office. This document says where you live and you need it to get an NIE from within Spain, and for many other bureaucratic processes.

NIE: I can help you get your NIE from the National Police Office, this document registers you as a foreigner in Spain.

Residency Applications: downloading the correct forms for your circumstances, helping you filling them correctly, checking your supporting documents, having any supporting documents translated and notarized, submitting paperwork in the correct format.

Appointment Booking: navigating the online bureaucratic system to book the correct appointments with the correct departments for what you need.

Attending Appointments: going to your appointments with you and making sure you are prepared, have the correct documents with you, and acting as your interpreter.

TIE/Green Card: the final stage of any successful residency application is getting a TIE (non-EU) or Green Card (EU citizens), which confirms your status as a Spanish Resident. I can help with all the necessary paperwork, appointment booking, and attending the appointments with you if required.

Answering questions and consultancy

Questions: I am happy to answer any questions you may have about living in Spain.

Research: if I don’t know the answer to your question, I can do research on your behalf in Spanish and Catalan on any subject.

Visit my Finca: over the years, many of my clients have visited my finca in order to get an idea of what a fully off-grid and self sufficient property is really like. I can arrange a variety of activities, tours, and learning experiences for you, including solar power and water collection, buildings and renovations, animals and animal husbandry, permaculture design and organic gardening, restoration of olive trees and olive tree maintenance to name but a few. We have accommodation on-site if you’d like to stay overnight in our beautiful Mongolian yurt.


I am an autonomo (self-employed independent contractor). All my work is fully taxed and comes with a legal invoice.

My starting rate for all of the above services is €20 an hour, however it’s best to contact me with your specific request for a more accurate quote.

Contact me

There are many ways to get in touch, but because I live in the mountains, direct phone calls are not an option.

If you’d like to speak to me on the phone, write to me first to arrange it!

I live in Maella (Zaragoza), and I usually work within the Aragon, Teruel and Tarragona regions/provinces.

Email: nicfurcillo at gmail dot com

WhatsApp: +34 641 85 55 80

Facebook: My profile

My finca: The Freedom Farm