How to obtain a fishing licence in Aragón

How to obtain a fishing licence in Aragón

Fishing in Spain is handled locally by each autonomous community, so you must check which permits you need depending on where you will be fishing. 

In this post, I’ll explain step by step how to obtain a fishing licence for the territory of Aragón with the validity of 1 year, including how to get cotos for restricted areas such as the Ebro river – depending on where you plan to be fishing, you may need to equip yourself with more than one piece of paper, but this guide aims to make it as easy as possible!

More about fishing in Aragón

For general information about fishing in Aragón, the government page is a good place to start (in Spanish).

Licencia de Pesca

The main licence you will need is a Licencia de Pesca from the Gobierno de Aragón

It’s a simple process that can be completed online through the INAGA portal in a few minutes, if you can pay the tax with your bank card online. 

To start, visit the INAGA page for licences:

If you have an NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros), select the relevant bullet point; if you only have a passport, select “Otras Identificaciones” and enter your passport number in the box.

You only need to fill the required boxes: your gender, first (“Nombre”) and last name (“Primer Apellido”), and date of birth. 

Select “Aceptar” when you are ready and you will be logged in to the Licences portal for Aragon.

If this is your first time, select “Obtención de una Licencia” to be shown the list of available licences:

Select “Nueva Licencia de Pesca” and “Cargar Licencia” to be shown the actual application form for the B1 Fishing Licence.

Your name, NIE/Passport and Date of Birth should already appear, so you will just have to fill in your nationality (Nacionalidad) and then an address where you can be reached by post – however, your licence will be a digital document you can print, so you don’t have to worry about receiving papers in time for your fishing trip.

Tick the first box to declare you are not subject to any legal restrictions for the obtaining of this licence.

When you’ve filled the required boxes, select Aceptar at the bottom of the page to move on to the payment stage.

This stage will differ based on your payment type and bank, but once you’ve completed it, congratulations – you now hold a fishing licence in Aragon!

After payment, you will be offered the option to generate and download the justificante, which is essentially your receipt for paying the tax, and is proof you’re allowed to fish. 

If you get confused and don’t obtain your PDF confirmation straight away after paying, don’t panic! You can get a duplicate file by logging into the INAGA portal again or selecting “Menu Principal” in the top-left of the page.

In the main menu, you’ll want to select  “Reimpresión de Justificantes de Pago”. 

You will then be able to see your licences, and select the PDF icon to download the receipt again.

Cotos deportivos de pesca

Some areas like the Ebro river have further restrictions on fishing. To see a list/map of these protected areas, you can visit this page from the Federacion Aragonesa de Pesca: cotos deportivos de Aragon.

To fish in these areas, you will have to purchase a coto, an authorization for you to fish on a specific day in a protected area. Cotos will cost between 5 and 10 euros per day and for some areas they can be purchased online – otherwise, fishing shops and sometimes gas stations nearby will probably sell them.

Enjoy your fishing trip!

Now you should be equipped with all the permits you need to fish in Aragón!

Make sure to check the yearly fishing guidelines to know which species you are allowed to keep, and which should only be catch and release. Don’t know how? Watch out for a new post…

If you are having issues with obtaining a fishing licence and would like my help, here is how to contact me.

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